Building Operational Excellence

Processes at the agency can quickly get sidelined in favor of so-called shortcuts and workarounds that leave your operations muddled with inefficiency and loss of productivity. When one team builds processes and workflows that help achieve maximum output, new hires who are fond of finding alternatives to tedious tasks can leave the whole effort in […]

The Global Talent Emergency

Companies worldwide are racing to secure the best talent for their organization, but this has created a vacuum leaving many businesses short-staffed. As larger corporations continue to fill their ranks with the available employable workforce across the States, the medical and dental industry, specifically at the level of individual practices, continues to suffer horrendous turnover […]

De-stress Acord Form Filing with Remote Employees

Acord forms, with all their multiplicities, are the most essential documents at your insurance agency. Finding someone, though, to properly fill, file, and manage these forms is a serious challenge that most agencies face. The technical and specific nature of these critical documents is not a subject to be mastered overnight. Additionally, training new hires […]

Streamline Back Office Operations with This Cost Effective Solution

Proper management of EHR/EMR systems and coordination with Insurance processes is a cornerstone for smooth operations at a medical or dental practice. Considering the high turnover rates in the US and the lack of reliable staff, maintaining a streamlined and repeatable workflow has become a nuisance for many practices. The result is a backlog of […]

What Does Pre-Trained Mean for Remote Employees

A pre-trained employee is not just a marketing quirk; it’s a sure-shot investment that saves your practice upwards of $10 thousand per position staffed and decreases onboarding time significantly. Edge is rather proud of the extensive prior training we provide to remote employees who join medical and dental practices. Today, we’ll explain what the Edge […]

Decrease Recruiting Costs by 50%

Recruiting new hires isn’t cheap. Benchmark data shows that an average entry-level position costs around $4,700 to staff. This cost doesn’t include the overheads your agency raises from advertising the position, paying for background checks, and hours for HR. Once you start crunching the numbers for the cost of training and onboarding these new hires, […]

Waking Up from the High Turnover Nightmare

It’s not every day that an employee you recently hired at the practice walks outs without prior notice. Oh, right, it’s actually every month. The horrendous turnover rates experienced by medical and dental practices in the States this year put the industry in a tough spot that isn’t easy to navigate. With an average new […]

Decrease Missed Phone Calls by 90%

Phone calls are often overlooked as a source of revenue for insurance agencies. Based on statistics from various sources like Google and insurance providers, phone calls might be the highest converting medium available! Recent research has shown that phone calls provide 10-15 times more revenue through conversions than any other advertising medium, converting leads 30% […]

Remote Workers Make 17% of the Healthcare Workforce

The remote work revolution might have been a reluctant alternative during the Covid pandemic. Still, after businesses, particularly medical and dental practices, witnessed its advantages firsthand, it has become the preferred staffing solution for a large percentage of the healthcare industry. Remote employees are increasingly helping practices across North America overcome worker shortages plaguing the […]

Edge and Dentistry In General to Provide Employment Solutions To Dentists Across the US

Edge and Dentistry in General (DIG), a dentist-only Facebook and online community, join hands to increase employment support to dentists and dental practices nationwide – offering customized HR solutions to DIG’s network throughout the US. This partnership comes at a time when employment trends in the dental industry are at an all-time low. Amidst reports […]