How Your Practice Can Build A Dream Team

Every day, it is getting tougher for recruiters to build the workforce they need for their practice to succeed. With growing setbacks during the pandemic, such as downsizing, navigating remote work, and lockdowns – practices were faced with a completely new way of operating. Additionally, a growing pain that has taken over the nation has been that of worker shortages. With more jobs open than people willing to take, businesses have been left to struggle with this new shift in employment trends.

Not all change is bad though. Change can be good if you learn how to navigate and welcome it with open arms and with the help of Edge Health, you can stay ahead of the curve with our unique staffing solutions. 

Edge Health helps dental and medical practices in the United States and Canada build remote international teams of talented, trained, college-educated professionals. Not only this but Edge Health offers you this solution at a 70% less cost than your average employee. We follow a Talent as a Subscription model which means you only pay a flat monthly fee for an employee compared to the staggering amounts that add up when it comes to hiring locally.

Recruiting remote teams is the best-kept secret from the giants of Silicon Valley who have been partaking in this practice for many years to help manage their workload at a cost-effective rate. At Edge Health, we bring that secret to companies of all sizes.

Here’s how Edge Health will build your dream team

Screening & Hiring

With Edge Health, you no longer have to worry about spending hours going through countless resumes for a single position. Instead, the HR department at Edge Health will do that for you. Every week we receive about 200 or more CVs – but we still have a hiring rate of 1.5% which means that we go above and beyond to find the perfect fit for your practice. Almost 98% of all our Edge Health ambassadors are college graduates and unless candidates fit our description of a perfect match, we do not go ahead with the recruitment process. Additionally, we handpick resumes of the candidates that we feel your practice needs and then we forward them to you. After your own selection from those resumes, we can set up your interview with them. Once you select an Ambassador, they work full-time dedicatedly for your practice.


With Edge Health, it will only take 3-4 days to onboard your Ambassador or Ambassador team at your practice. Since we train all Ambassadors before they join your practice, they’re ready to take on your needs from day one. We equip them with all the necessary software, tools, and systems that you use before they start working with you.


Our training process includes learning about your practice through 1:1 sessions so that we’re able to tailor our training unique to your business. Our training program is led by industry experts in the healthcare industry to provide the best training possible for your Ambassadors. We also provide any additional training required upon request to ensure that your needs are always met.


Since many practices are unable to have their own HR department, Edge Health acts as an HR department for them. This means that we will look over any issue that you might face with an Ambassador. To ensure retention, all Edge Health Ambassadors also sign a one-year contract which greatly decreases turnover for our clients. Additionally, in the rare event that it doesn’t work out with your Ambassador, Edge Health replaces them with another one immediately – and at zero additional cost. So, you never have to worry about having an absent team. 

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