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“ Edge allowed my organization to save thousands of dollars and weeks searching for candidates.“

Bryan Curry, Clinic Manager at Balboa Nephrology Medical Group

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Learn how Edge can help solve your most pressing workforce challenges.

Hiring Solutions

Utilize our global talent network to hire the best employees.

pointFast, easy access to high-quality, pre-screened talent
point100% English fluency
pointHand-picked matching to meet your specific needs
Training & Onboarding

We ensure your new employee integrates quickly and easily.

pointPre-trained via Open Academy, our 30-day proprietary training program
pointAll technology and equipment provided to each remote employee
pointActivation of your preferred remote communication methods
Manage & Support

We handle a full range of employee management tasks on your behalf.

pointIT Support

Your personalized talent dashboard lets you efficiently manage your remote employee payroll.

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A consolidated view of your payroll and team status

Complete visibility of your workforce & their payroll


Your personalised talent dashboard lets you efficiently manage your remote employee payroll.







Disrupting Norms

We provide companies with a new, better way to get work done through our global network of high-quality, reliable full-time talent.

Talent you can trust.

  • CheckMark99.5% college graduates
  • CheckMark2% acceptance rate
  • CheckMark100% English Fluency

A more affordable option.

  • CheckMarkSave up to 50% on recruitment costs and salaries
  • CheckMarkWe provide a computer, software, and other tech needs 
  • CheckMarkPay $0 for your employee’s benefits - we cover it all! 

A faster option.

  • CheckMarkWe find you candidates 10x faster than traditional recruiting methods
  • CheckMarkOur training and onboarding program gets your new employee to begin work faster
  • CheckMarkAvg time to hire: 7 days

A more reliable option.

  • CheckMarkAll candidates are vetted through a 5 phase screening process
  • CheckMarkAvg. missed days of work for our Associates = 1.9 days per year
  • CheckMark97.3% retention rate

A more secure option.

  • CheckMark100% Non-disclosure Agreements for all employees
  • CheckMark100% computer encryption
  • CheckMarkMandatory training on security ethics, with refresher courses every six months

Our customers Love Us!

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"Edge allowed my organization to save thousands of dollars and weeks searching for candidates."

Bryan Curry

Country Manager at Balboa Nephrology Medical Group

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"Our team member adapted to our team very easily. I would recommend Edge to any office looking to smoothen their processes."

Sonya Jackson

Country Manager at Secure Dental

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"I trust my team member to take care of my customers, and she now handles most of our customer service."

David Gluckle

Country Manager at Gluckle Insurance & Financial Services

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"We are beyond pleased with Edge and our remote team members. They are performing at levels you can’t find elsewhere."

Laura Yost

Country Manager at Knippenberg Insurance


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