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Top three reasons successful agencies consider Edge the leading insurance staffing agency:

Fill open positions faster

You don’t have time to screen 500 resumes for qualified CSR candidates. But we do. And we only send you the top pre-trained remote employees for your practice. So you can fill open positions 10x faster without missing an appointment.

Save Money

Local hiring is expensive. Recruitment costs, competitive salaries, benefits—it adds up fast. But by hiring remote talent through Edge, you can save up to 50% on recruitment costs and salaries. Plus, we pay all benefits and taxes. Cha-ching!

Eliminate Turnover

Insurance agencies pay over $10K to replace an employee—and that doesn’t include workflow disruptions, missed calls, or decreased quality of care. Our 97.3% retention rate ensures new hires stick around—and you never have to read another resume.

Have a staffing challenge? We have a candidate to cure it.



Our Insurance Auditors, at the forefront of Customer Service, fortify reliability in operations related to Final, Premium, and Renewal audits. They meticulously decode records to ensure fiscal accuracy and reduce risk factors as a whole.

Customer Service Representatives


Customer Service Representatives

Our dedicated CSR’s take over administrative work so producers can focus on growing the business. They excel in a wide range of tasks, from generating quotes, and endorsements, to managing billing and handling renewals, certificates, and reinstatements. With strong communication skills, they engage effectively through various channels, including inbound and outbound phone calls.

Underwriter Assistant


Underwriter Assistant

An Edge Underwriters’ Assistant is here to help your Underwriters easily process your applications. They’re quick to handle inbound and outbound phone calls, generate policy documents, collect e-signatures, and manage policy downloads/emails. They’re proficient in CRM use, backed with knowledge of state laws and insurance trends, and are experts in documentation and data entry.

Billing Coordinator


Billing Coordinator

Leave tedious billing tasks to your Billing Coordinator. They’re skilled in all aspects of payments and invoicing, as well as finance agreements and AMS/CRM data entry. They know the billing side of the insurance business from the inside out, making them the ideal time-managing problem solvers.

Top talent sets us apart

Our candidates shine on paper, and in person. Here‘s a taste.


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The insurance knowledge that the Edge professionals brought to my team is incredible. Their diligent training and dedication ensure top-notch client experiences. We’re extremely satisfied!

- Knippenberg Insurance


Focus on
Not piles of resumes.


Increase premiums

By tackling the bulk of your admin needs, we free up producers to upsell and cross-sell insurance products to new and existing customers. This creates higher premiums, improves customer satisfaction, and boosts your financial performance.


Process commissions faster

By providing pre-trained customer service reps with administrative proficiency, attention to detail, and knowledge of commission structures—we help you calculate, validate, and process commissions faster for agents and brokers.


Decrease renewal times

Through proactive outreach, comprehensive policy reviews, and timely communication, Edge CSRs engage with customers before their policy expiration dates—ensuring timley renewals, improved retention, and efficient policy adjustments.


Reduce quoting time

Our pre-trained employees efficiently gather relevant information, assess risk factors, and generate accurate quotes tailored to customers' needs. This minimizes delays and increases the likelihood of converting leads into policyholders.

The proof is in the profit.

Check out these success stories from a few of our current customers:


Premiums soar at Knippenberg

4% Increase

in premiums

Knippenberg Insurance was struggling to find and retain front- and back-office employees.

By outsourcing pre-trained, full-time talent with Edge, we freed up producers to focus on key customers and new business.

The result? Lower turnover, 46% more calls handled, and a 4% increase in premiums.


"I would highly recommend Edge to anyone looking to hire a new employee, they adopt excellent candidates that will fit within your business with great results!"

-David Z., VP, Zelano Insurance Agency

How it Works?

We accelerate and simplify process so you can focus on what matters most - your customers

Meet your candidates.


Meet your candidates.

Once we've sourced and vetted the best talent for your needs, we introduce them to your team. This usually where we hear: "OMG, when can they start!?"

Choose your start date.


Choose your start date.

We help you onboard all new team members with your culture, processes, and tools, so they can hit the role running like a new-favorite sibling.

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The insurance knowledge that the Edge professionals brought to my team is incredible. Their diligent training and dedication ensure top-notch client experiences. We’re extremely satisfied! ”

Got more questions ?
We have answers
  • How an Edge help solve my staffing challenges?

    These days, finding the right people to support your business isn’t easy, especially in the insurance industry. You need a qualified team to handle customer inquiries, answer billing questions, and help with insurance claims. However, turnover is notoriously high among administrative and customer service roles. You likely spend a great deal of money finding and training your employees, only to see them leave for other opportunities within a year or two. This is an industry-wide issue; it’s not yours alone. Fortunately, Edge has the answer to your woes: access to a global talent network through our insurance staffing agency. Edge’s insurance staffing agency is different from other insurance employment agency options you may find. We hire remote workers worldwide to serve your needs, and our business model works! Unlike other insurance staffing agencies, we boast a 97.3% retention rate. And all of our employees undergo a comprehensive testing process with only a 2% acceptance rate, ensuring you receive the most qualified workers to support your team. Additionally, our employees have 100% English fluency, ensuring your customers receive support from people who can help them.
  • How can Edge help me cut down on the time and resources it usually takes for me to find, hire, and train a new employee?

    The revolving door of customer service is a significant hindrance to insurance companies that must regularly hire, onboard, and train new employees every few months. Not only do you not get qualified talent, but you also spend a lot of money and time you could use elsewhere. With Edge, you can save up to 50% on hiring and salaries.
  • How quickly can I find and hire a new employee through Edge?

    Tired of turning to the same employment agencies' insurance resources to find customer service employees? Rather than posting your latest job opening online, use Edge as your primary recruitment source. We find employees up to 10 times faster than other recruiting methods. On average, our insurance staffing agency will fill your open role within a week.
  • Who provides equipment for your remote workers?

    When you hire an employee from Edge’s insurance staffing agency, you don’t need to worry about providing them with a computer or software. We handle all their tech needs, ensuring your team has what it takes to support your business.
  • What about benefits?

    Hiring an on-site employee doesn’t only cost you their salary; you’ll also need to cover their benefits packages. When you source from Edge, we provide your new team member with benefits, so you don’t have to — potentially saving you thousands of dollars.
  • How do you ensure the personal information of customers stays secure?

    Insurance companies must follow strict regulations to protect customer data. For this reason, all of Edge’s employees must sign a non-disclosure agreement, ensuring they don’t share any information that could land them in legal trouble. Additionally, each employee undergoes an initial mandatory training program on security ethics. Every six months, they must repeat the course to maintain their employment.
  • How do you avoid the high employee attrition and unreliability many insurance agencies experience?

    Some insurance companies find it hard to keep their employees engaged. They may frequently call out sick, increasing the workload on your other team members. On average, Edge employees miss only 1.9 days per year — a significant benefit if you’re struggling to obtain reliable workers you can count on.
  • What other services does Edge provide?

    As an employment agency, insurance companies can count on Edge to improve their business processes, including global payroll, security and compliance, and workforce management tools. Talk to us about how our team can support your insurance agency today.
  • How does Edge charge for its services?

    With Edge, you don’t need to worry about unexpected costs that often pop up with other insurance hiring agencies. Simply pay a monthly fee to retain our services, and you’ll always have access to competent employees to support your business. And our comprehensive platform ensures you’ll have access to all the HR information you need for compliance.
  • What is the company's mission beyond providing high-quality staffing for insurance agencies?

    Many people living in South America and Southeast Asia find it difficult to support their families on local salaries. When you open your doors to overseas talent from insurance staffing companies, you can feel good about providing them a fair wage while benefiting your organization.
  • Ready to upgrade your CSR capabilities?

    We don't blame you if you’re ready to throw in the towel on traditional recruitment and experience what Edge offers! Our insurance staffing solutions can help reduce costs and employee turnover while ensuring customers receive the A+ customer service they deserve. Reach out today to learn more about the Edge solution!