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Edge helps companies solve their most pressing workforce challenges by offering high-quality full-time talent and an all-inclusive suite of workforce management tools. Let’s work together to serve our shared customers better and support your business growth.

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Why Join Our Partner Program

  • Partner Fees

    Partner Fees

    Get rewarded with a referral bonus for every new customer that signs a contract with us.

  • Special Discounted Rates

    Special Discounted Rates

    We extend special rates to your customers/members, ensuring they receive the best possible value and service from our offerings.

  • Thought Leadership

    Thought Leadership

    We provide exclusive access to insightful thought leadership on global workforce management.

  • Warm Intros

    Warm Intros

    Take full advantage of our comprehensive ecosystem of forward-thinking associations and vendors.

Types of Partners





Associations, Groups and Professional Orgs

We can assist your group in driving innovation, enhancing business practices, and fostering growth and success for your member organizations by adding value.

Proud to Partner with These Leading Associations

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We collaborate with companies that share a similar Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) to mutually enhance the value provided to our customers, fostering stronger and more meaningful customer relationships.

Proud to Partner with These Leading Vendors

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Join our ecosystem if you're a software company looking to create powerful integrations between your product and Edge, enhancing the overall user experience.

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Our Customers Love Us

We enable businesses to scale their teams, accelerate growth, and provide a better customer experience.

  • Faster Hiring

    Faster Hiring

    Our process allows customers to make their first hire in less than 10 days (3x-5x faster than other options), allowing them to fill critical staffing gaps faster and remain on track to reach their goals.

  • More Affordable

    More Affordable

    On average, our customers save over 90%+ on recruitment expenses and more than 60%+ on salaries and benefits. This allows them to reallocate resources towards their company's growth and development.

  • Reduced  Turnover

    Reduced Turnover

    With a 97.3% retention rate, our global talent network supports customers in enhancing productivity, fortifying company culture, elevating customer satisfaction, and boosting financial performance.

Our Partners Love Us

  • $11k Min Annual Spend

    $11k Min Annual Spend

    Customers trust the Edge platform, as an annual investment of at least $11k demonstrates their confidence in our reliability, security, and alignment with their business objectives. This trust extends to our partners and alliances as well.

  • 3x YoY Growth

    3x YoY Growth

    Our impressive 3x annual growth rate showcases our success and expanding market presence. By partnering with us, companies with a similar Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) can tap into this momentum to fuel their own growth and excel in the competitive landscape.

  • 99% Customer Retention

    99% Customer Retention

    Our 99% monthly customer retention rate indicates that customers truly appreciate Edge. This high level of satisfaction underscores our value, making us an excellent partner for achieving success.

Recent Coverage About Edge and Our Partners
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Edge and Linchpin IT Announce Partnership to Provide IT and Staffing Solutions to Insurance Agencies

Jan Danforth |Nov 17, 2022

Mountain View, CA (November 18th, 2022) – Today, Edge, an HR-tech company that provides scalable, affordable, and adaptable HR solutions, has entered into a strategic partnership with Linchpin IT, a national insurtech firm that specializes in serving the technology and automation needs of the insurance industry.

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