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Enterprise Solutions

We enable enterprises to mitigate the financial burdens of talent shortages by helping establish and oversee a highly efficient and cost-effective global workforce. Edge helps streamline operations, enhance productivity, and drive sustainable growth for organizations like yours.

Enterprise Solutions

We enable enterprises to mitigate the financial burdens of talent shortages by helping establish and oversee a highly efficient and cost-effective global workforce. Edge helps streamline operations, enhance productivity, and drive sustainable growth for organizations like yours.

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Built for Enterprise Scale

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Hand Curated Talent Marketplace

Access high-quality talent and streamline hiring with our talent marketplace and advanced matching capabilities. Our technology-driven approach enables faster candidate selection and onboarding, helping you swiftly fill critical positions, overcome talent shortages, and scale your workforce with agility. Ensure continuity and productivity within your organization.

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All-inclusive Workforce Management Platform

From HR functions like benefits administration, payroll management, and vacation oversight to ensuring legal compliance and handling taxes, our all-inclusive platform simplifies the complexities of remote workforce management. By centralizing these crucial functions, Edge empowers your organization to focus on strategic initiatives, enhance employee satisfaction, and maintain a seamless and efficient workforce management process.

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Integrated Ecosystem

Our platform is designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing processes and other enterprise-level software, making it a flexible and adaptable solution for your organization. With Edge, you can leverage the power of our platform without disrupting your established processes, ensuring a seamless transition and maximizing the value of your existing software investments.

By the numbers.

Speed to Hire



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Reduce hiring time to 5-10 days from 60-90 days

Recruitment Costs & Salaries



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Save up to 50% on recruitment costs and salaries



more productivity

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Increase productivity and streamline operations

Comprehensive Security Solutions for Your Enterprise

  • Advanced Security Measures

    Our enterprise-focused solutions incorporate advanced security measures to safeguard critical data and information assets. We create a fortified environment that shields sensitive information from unauthorized access and potential threats by leveraging industry-leading encryption protocols, secure access controls, and robust authentication mechanisms.

  • Compliance Assurance

    Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements is fundamental to operating a global workforce. Our solutions are meticulously designed to facilitate adherence to data protection laws, privacy regulations, and industry-specific compliance standards, including HIPAA compliance for the healthcare industry. By implementing rigorous security protocols and staying updated with evolving regulations, we help enterprises maintain the highest level of compliance.

  • Remote Work Enablement

    Embracing remote work offers unparalleled flexibility and efficiency for enterprises. However, it also presents unique security challenges. Our solutions enable organizations to leverage the benefits of remote work while mitigating potential risks. We provide a seamless and protected remote work environment through secure virtual private networks, multi-factor authentication, and robust data encryption.

  • Employee Awareness and Training

    A strong security posture requires a well-informed and vigilant workforce. We offer comprehensive employee awareness programs and training sessions to educate our employees about best practices, potential threats, and the safe handling of data. By fostering a culture of security awareness, we empower our employees to be active participants in maintaining a secure working environment.

  • Continuous Monitoring and Incident Response

    We understand that the security landscape is ever-evolving, necessitating proactive measures to detect and respond to potential security incidents. Our team of dedicated experts employs cutting-edge technologies to continuously monitor your systems, promptly identify vulnerabilities, and swiftly respond to security events, minimizing the impact on your operations.

  • Scalable Solutions for Enterprise Growth

    As your enterprise expands, our solutions can effortlessly scale to accommodate your evolving security needs. We provide robust infrastructure and flexible architectures that ensure seamless integration even as your global workforce grows. This scalability lets you focus on your core business objectives while maintaining an agile and secure environment.

Dependability to match


Average response time for high-priority issues.


Average resolution time for high-priority concerns.


Continuous system availability to minimize potential disruptions.


A single, continuous POC to ensure efficiency and clear communication.

data backups

Industry-leading data recovery plans to ensure business continuity.

The Edge Difference: Why Enterprises Choose Us.

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    Access to High Quality Talent

    We recognize that the success of large enterprises hinges on having access to top-tier talent. With Edge Pro, we connect you with a curated pool of highly skilled professionals, ensuring you have the expertise to meet your needs. Our rigorous vetting process and extensive network of qualified candidates guarantee that you can assemble a team of exceptional individuals dedicated to your success.

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    Simple, All-inclusive Fee

    We believe in transparency and simplicity when it comes to pricing. That's why Edge Pro offers all-inclusive fees, ensuring you clearly understand your investment without any hidden costs or surprises. Our straightforward pricing structure allows you to budget effectively and focus on what matters most—achieving your organizational goals.

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    "Globally sourcing talent has opened up the ability for us to recruit the best talent no matter where they’re at and it has also opened up our mind of the impact that we can have."

    Luke Acree from ReminderMedia

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