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Here are the top three reasons modern medical practices regard Edge as the leading medical office staffing agency:

Fill open positions faster

You don’t have time to screen 500 resumes for a qualified medical assistant. But we do. And we only send you the top pre-trained remote employees for your practice. So you can fill open positions 10x faster without missing an appointment.

Save Money

Local hiring is expensive. Recruitment costs, competitive salaries, benefits—it adds up fast. But by hiring remote talent through Edge, you can save up to 50% on recruitment costs and salaries. Plus, we pay all benefits and taxes. Cha-ching!

Eliminate Turnover

Medical offices pay over $10K to replace an employee—and that doesn’t include workflow disruptions, missed calls, or decreased quality of care. Our 97.3% retention rate ensures new hires stick around—and you never have to read another resume.

Have a staffing challenge? We have a candidate to cure it.
Medical Assistants


Medical Assistants

Our pre-trained Medical Assistants handle a variety of front- and back-office tasks, including patient scheduling and appointment confirmations, insurance verifications, and prior authorizations.

Scheduling Coordinators


Scheduling Coordinators

Our Scheduling Coordinators manage your digital appointment and procedure schedule, and take care of the scheduling, rescheduling, and cancellation of appointments.

Intake Coordinators


Intake Coordinators

Our Intake Coordinators streamline the patient intake process and ensure accurate record-keeping. They facilitate seamless communication between patients and providers by meticulously collecting patient demographic and insurance information.

Insurance Coordinators


Insurance Coordinators

Our Insurance Coordinators take over all things insurance. They effectively liaise with insurance carriers for accurate eligibility checks and prior authorizations. They also help patients understand their insurance benefits and financial obligations for improved patient satisfaction.

Top talent sets us apart

Our candidates shine on paper, and in person. Here‘s a taste.


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Edge’s incredible professionals adapted to our clinic, enhancing patient communication and staff coordination, significantly boosting satisfaction and productivity. A clinic game-changer!

- DHR Health Diabetes & Endocrinology Institute.

We sign BAAs. Because we trust our employees

Most virtual assistant agencies won't sign a BAA, and those that do make their foreign employee sign. That still puts your practice at risk. That's why we happily sign BAAs at a corporate level, on U.S. soil, for any practice that needs one.


Focus on
Not piles of resumes.


Increased patient flow

Our employees optimize scheduling so you can accommodate more patients, reduce wait times, and ensure a smoother patient experience from check-in to check-out.


Increased billing & profit

From accurate and timely billing to optimized reimbursements, Edge employees help maintain a steady cash flow for your practice, so you can reinvest in advanced medical technologies, staff development, and quality patient care.


Higher patient satisfaction

With prompt check-ins, call handling, and rescheduling, our highly trained employees have the hard and soft skills necessary to foster trust, confidence, and referral-worthy satisfaction with your patients.


Fewer errors and fines

By implementing stringent protocols for patient data, compliance, and insurance verification, our employees proactively safeguard your practice from potential fines and regulatory audits.

The proof is in the profit.

Check out these success stories from a few of our current customers:


Multnomah Orthopedic reduced call wait times by 70%

2-4 Hours

Saved per month

With a majority of patients over 65 years of age, Multnomah Orthopedic Clinic was struggling to keep up with patient calls. By providing two pre-trained remote staff members, we helped their overburdened office staff free up 2-4 hours per day for more essential patient tasks.


Edge provided well trained professionals that were able to adapt to our clinic needs and help facilitate communication between patients, providers, and office staff which has resulted in increased patient satisfaction and work productivity.

-Marcel Twahirwa, Medical Director, DHR Health Diabetes & Endocrinology Institute

How it Works?

We accelerate and simplify process so you can focus on what matters most - your customers

Meet your candidates.


Meet your candidates.

Once we've sourced and vetted the best talent for your needs, we introduce them to your team. This usually where we hear: "OMG, when can they start!?"

Choose your start date.


Choose your start date.

We help you onboard all new team members with your culture, processes, and tools, so they can hit the role running like a new-favorite sibling.

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We understand how important it is for your practice to remain HIPAA-compliant. That’s why we’ve created comprehensive policies to ensure practices can embrace the future of work while remaining entirely HIPAA-compliant.

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Edge’s incredible professionals adapted to our clinic, enhancing patient communication and staff coordination, significantly boosting satisfaction and productivity. A clinic game-changer!”

Got more questions ?
We have answers
  • How can Edge help me find exceptional top talent?

    Edge medical office staffing employees undergo thorough testing before they’re hired. Over 99.5% have university degrees and 100% speak fluent English. While other healthcare administration recruitment agencies accept anyone, we only take 2% of candidates that apply for the position. That ensures we retain a robust, knowledgeable, career-oriented workforce suited to your medical facility’s needs.
  • How does Edge find such high-quality talent?

    We are passionate about fulfilling our purpose: to equalize access to opportunity so people can have a better quality of life. With so much international talent, there’s no reason for medical administrative staffing agencies to stick to their backyard when looking for qualified workers. Instead, hire the people most likely to appreciate the opportunity and use it to support their families.
  • How can Edge help me cut down on the time and resources it usually takes for me to find, hire, and train a new employee?

    When you partner with Edge’s medical office staffing agency, you’ll no longer spend countless hours hiring and training local talent only to see them leave their positions months later. You’ll save money on staffing agencies for healthcare administration and recruiter costs, and your in-house team.
  • How quickly can I find and hire a new employee through Edge?

    As the leading medical office staffing agency, Edge has an average hire time of 10 days or less. Unlike other medical staffing agencies, you won’t need to wait months for a new employee to join; we’ll find one that meets your criteria in less than two weeks. You’ll see almost no interruption to your business.
  • How do you avoid the high employee attrition and unreliability that many medical practices usually experience?

    Employee attrition and unreliability are problems in the medical industry, and many medical employment agencies struggle to cover the extra workload when someone calls out sick. Edge employees miss an average of 1.9 days yearly — likely far less than your in-house staff. And our retention rate is currently 97.3%. That’s a stat most other medical office staffing agencies can’t match. As the leading medical office staffing agency, Edge can provide you with the highly qualified talent needed to improve your administrative resources and reduce the burden on your existing resources. Contact us today to get started with Edge!