How Edge Can Help Your Company Fulfill The Demand For Global Mobility


Global mobility is the future of every workforce. It has never been so easily accessible as it is today since people now expect a borderless talent pool with the progress in technology.  If you want your agency to adapt to the digital future, then equipping yourself with the best talent, insight, technology, and innovation is the way forward. Companies are now working to integrate relocation and flexible living plans into their growth strategy – and with the increasing need and interest in global mobility, international remote workforce hiring and management is becoming the new norm. Virtual assignments and remote work provide the best global mobility model for most businesses. 

Remote work can lead to a healthier balance between family and wellbeing in the workplace, especially after decades of forcing employees to choose either over the other. Employees now expect control and flexibility while designing their work experience and are supported by a system that allows nontraditional benefits for virtual assignment employees, such as flexible work arrangements, home office expenses, and mental health and wellness programs.

One of the best-kept secrets of Silicon Valley and global corporations is that they equipped themselves with global teams over a decade ago. One misconception is that larger organizations can afford offshore teams – while this was true back in the day, Edge guarantees you the same level of talent at a fraction of the cost than your local hire. Companies are investing billions of dollars in upgrading their technology so, with the rise of the metaverse, they are not wiped out! This is also time for you to invest in choosing the best option for your company and making sure the best of talent around the world is working in your team. Edge has world-class expertise, people, and technology that will provide you with a team of full-time, trained, remote professionals that will build the future of your company.

How is Edge providing you with the best solution?

In-house solution – We’re hiring for you!

Edge’s in-house solution does not only cater to your specific needs but also offers its customers wit a specialized solution. Instead of investing thousands of dollars in keeping up with the constant demand for innovation, let Edge do the work for you! Read more about our hiring process here!

Tech solutions – Protecting the privacy of our clients!

For enabled global mobility, it is crucial to have efficient software platforms for specific tasks and guaranteed business operations. The most common limitation of using such software is the protection of private information and data. This is why Edge greatly emphasizes the usage of safe software platforms. Edge has over 700 system security and hardening settings into our Operating Systems, Web browsers, Microsoft Office, Google Suite, and other Software. Everything that we use has rigorous protection systems in place that are updated in real-time by our security team to ensure the safety of our client’s data. Edge uses the following safety measures: 

  • Complex password protection
  • More than a simple 2 factor authentication
  • Military grade protection ( NIST 800-53)
  • Endpoint security and detection system
  • Disk encryption
  • Remote management and monitoring, Patch management and windows updates.

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