What does Meta, Facebook’s new brand mean for the future of your agency?


Technology is progressing at an advanced speed at this age and as we know, time does not stop for anyone. If you want your agency to adapt to the digital future, then equipping yourself with the best talent, insight, technology, and innovation is the way forward. Oftentimes when companies are unable to progress with the rest of the world, they lose their name and disappear into thin air. 


#Metaverse which has been recently trending on all social media platforms has provided us with a glimpse of the future. For some people, the metaverse has a strict definition: it’s an advanced version of the Internet that you are inside of—instead of merely looking at. In this singular 3D world, you walk around as an avatar, interacting with other avatars; you can buy and sell virtual stuff, go to work, form communities, play games, wage war.

As the pandemic turned our world upside down and pushed humans into occupying more online space than before as a means to continue their connection. We can understand now that the world is going to be operating remotely and we all must learn to adapt to it.  As the pandemic upended our real-world work and social spaces, the average American spent 7 hours a day online last year, according to one study. We went to birthday parties on Zoom and sent the host presents via Amazon or Cash App; we attended company quarterly meetings over Microsoft Teams while sniping about the CFO with our colleagues on Slack.

So, the question is what are you doing to take your company to the next level? What technologies are you investing in to ensure the stability of your company’s future?

Enter the future with Edge


As the lines between the physical and digital world are getting slowly blurred, there are certain benefits that you cannot deny. Such as the concept of borderless talent, of building a global remote team that doesn’t limit your talent pool to the confines of your physical location. One of the best-kept secrets of Silicon Valley and global corporations is that they equipped themselves with global teams over a decade ago. One misconception is that larger organizations can afford offshore teams – while this was true back in the day, Edge guarantees you the same level of talent at a fraction of the cost than your local hire.

Companies are investing billions of dollars in upgrading their technology so, with the rise of the metaverse, they are not wiped out! This is also time for you to invest in choosing the best option for your company and making sure the best of talent around the world is working in your team. Another key factor when it comes to digitally connecting your agency is that your next round of customers is Gen-Z – a majority population that was born into tech. Ensuring you are everywhere your customers are and speaking their language is vital when it comes to the success of any company.

Edge has world-class expertise, people, and technology that will provide you with a team of full-time, trained, remote professionals that will build the future of your company. Every member of your remote team undergoes a rigorous process of hiring and then intensive training, to make sure that they are the best candidate for the team. 

Agencies that have partnered with Edge are succeeding more than ever

The prospect of competing with Silicon Valley may seem far-fetched or even daunting at a first glance but Edge helps bridge the gap so that agencies of all sizes are met with big company resources. Because we were born from an insurance agency, we know all too well how sudden shifts can be intimidating. The reason why more and more agencies are partnering with Edge is because we make sure that the shift is as seamless as possible. From onboarding to client check-ins we’re there every step of the way. Our teams are well equipped to hit the ground running from day one which has been a large benefit to our clients who once spent a ton of time and resources training new hires. With Edge, your success is our success, and launching agencies into the future of the way we work seamlessly has been the reason why more and more agencies are opting for Edge every day.

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